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The Good Postman

The good postman



The Good Postman

A small, poverty-stricken, largely depopulated Bulgarian village on the Turkish border has been resisting foreign invaders since the times of the Roman and Ottoman Empires. Now its electorate of 38 mostly elderly Bulgarians is deciding on the future of Europe. The Great Gate, as the village has been called for centuries because of its location on the doorstep of the former Ottoman Empire, has found itself in the middle of the global refugee crisis, as asylum seekers from the Middle East and elsewhere in search of safety and a better future for their families cross the border, causing fear and anger among some of the villagers. But village postman Ivan has a new political vision. He decides to run for mayor to bring the dying village to life by welcoming and resettling refugees. His opponents want to either close their eyes or close down the border, while longing for better days under communist rule.

Busy on the campaign trail while delivering the mail, Ivan soon learns that while good intentions are not enough, even the smallest deeds matter. With dry humor and remarkable sensitivity toward its beguiling ensemble of characters, Tonislav Hristov's award-winning documentary plays like a scripted narrative, with the postman as the film's grounding hero - a man who sees encroaching darkness not in the desperate exiles filing across his land, but in his own increasingly xenophobic and distrustful townsfolk.

The Good Postman is the best kind of microcosm documentary, one that boasts an expansive worldview.
— Nick Allen, RogerEbert.com
Elegantly structured in the mold of a narrative feature, the film aids the immersiveness of its storytelling with immaculate craftsmanship on all fronts.
— Guy Lodge, Variety

Website: https://www.catndocs.com/index.php/migration/871%20-%20the-good-postman

Director: Tonislav Hristov

Running Time: 80 min.

Languages: Bulgarian

Subtitles: English

Country: Finland

Production/Distribution Company: CAT & Docs